On Death & Dying

In the last 5 weeks I have attended 4 different viewings or funerals.  I have again been reminded of some realities of life and death.

For some, they are ill and know that their time is short. Others, may be having a normal day when suddenly the summons comes.

Death is no respecter of age, gender, status, or race.

Some leave behind many friends; some leave only a few.

Some fight to live, while others are at peace with the will of God.

It may seem like the end of a healthy life, or a release to healing never experienced on this earth.

Death is such a mystery because none of us have been there.  We can speculate and prepare, but we don’t have any past experience to rely on.  And we only die once.  If I make a mistake about my destiny, I don’t have another opportunity.

Sooner or later, death will be reality for each of us unless the Lord returns first.  It is so easy to become wrapped up in my life, subconsciously knowing that death is stalking, yet outwardly living as if I planned to be here forever. Yet when I look on someone else who has moved on, it reminds me once again of my own mortality.

I like the words of Gladys Aylward, missionary to China, who prayed, “Lord, I don’t mind dying, but let there be meaning in my death.”


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