Tulips and Happiness

Last Saturday I stopped in at a local grocery story to pick up a few items.  Right inside the door they have their array of floral bouquets, and I just couldn’t help but take a look.  The spring flowers were all in bloom: crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.  As I browsed around the display-there they were!  A bunch of pink tulips!  I am not usually a fan of pink, but for some reason those caught my eye.  They just looked so delicate and spring-like.  Not bold like the red, or classy like the purple.  Just quiet and soft, an elegant spot in the midst of the bright colors.  I pulled them out and looked at the price. I debated about whether I should get them or not.  I thought about how beautiful they would look on my desk at school, and it was my birthday, after all!  I thought about how happy they would make me….to see those beauties all day long.  Common sense finally ruled out my wishful thinking and I left them there and hurried off before I changed my mind.

I recently read a book about a girl who was studying psychology.  For one assignment she had to keep track of things each day that made her happy.  At first she found it difficult, but as time went on, she found it made her appreciate the many little parts of life that brought joy.  It got me thinking.  What would I write down that made me happy today?  I was thinking along these lines when I walked into that grocery store and saw the tulips.  I decided I could be happy just enjoying them in the store.

That evening I had some friends over to play games.  One friend brought me a beautiful card.  Guess what-it had pink tulips on it!

What made you happy today?










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