Since I recently had a major surgery, I’ve been mulling over how this compares to my spiritual life and the body of Christ.

I had a growth in my body that was not serving any purpose except causing me problems and discomfort. It didn’t appear with a grand entrance, but rather just slowly sneaked its way in.  Isn’t that how sin is? It’s not supposed to be there and only causes problems; but it can just slide in slowly if we are not being alert.

The doctor caused me some pain in order to get rid of the growth.  Sometimes it is painful when God does surgery on me.  But if I can trust Him to have my good in mind, than I can be longsuffering through the painful times.  In Psalm 23 He assures me that he will be with me through the valley.

Then there must be a time of healing.  Restoring. It takes time.  It takes rest.  But while the body may appear outwardly to be resting, there is inner work that is being done.  Maybe sometimes my work for God is not so obvious because I need time to restore the inner man.  Gradually, my responsibilities are resumed as my muscles are strengthened.  Even though it may be painful, I must exercise to increase strength.

Sometimes a brace or bandage is needed.  I have been so grateful for those people who have been that “brace” in my life and have supported me those times that I felt weak and unable to do it on my own.

Of course, there must be an absorption of proper nutrients.  Food that will strengthen and heal.  Lots of water.  Jesus told the woman at the well, “If thou wouldest have asked, I would have given thee living water.”  Immersing myself in the Word of God is healing.

The wound must be cared for.  It must be kept clean so that infection doesn’t set in.  When I am healing, it seems that Satan sees those weak spots and tries to attack it in some other way.  It helps to be aware of what my weaknesses are, so that I can identify attacks from the enemy.  As the wound heals, it will scab.  Scabs are ugly and can be annoying, but if I continually pick at them then it will slow the healing process.  Sometimes there are hurts that Satan would like for us to “pick open” again, but that will not bring healing.  We need the healing salve of love and forgiveness to bring about complete healing.

Yes the scar will always be there, but as time goes on there is no pain.  I can choose how I want to view the scars.  Will they remind me of how I have been hurt?  Will they remind me of the effects of sin?  Will they speak of the goodness and healing power of God?  Also, I must not neglect my regular check-ups with the Great Physician.  Daily time with God is the best maintenance program there is!


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